Radio Frequency Treatments

Effectively treats a wide variety of minor skin irregularities and imperfections. Radio, high frequency technology. Targeted and precise with instantaneous results. Prices listed are per irregularity, in addition there will be a $15 service fee added to appointment.

Comedo (Clogged Pore)                                                     $20

Cholesterol Deposit                                                             $55

Milia                                                                                              $20

Telangiectasis (Spider Vein)                                           $30 price per 1″

Small Fibroma (Raised)                                                    $35

Large Fibroma (Raised)                                                   $75

Keratosis Small (Raised)                                                 $35

Keratosis Large (Raised)                                                $60

Skin Tag Small (Flat)                                                          $30

Skin Tag Large (w/Stalk)                                                 $90

*Must be booked in advance.