Epilfree Permanent Hair Reduction

  • A natural solution for unwanted hair that is effective for anyone, any hair color or skin type without the use of lasers or IPL. This pain-free solution is an advanced scientific product that provides you with hair reduction that will last. There is no risk of burning, scarring or discoloration.
  • Treatments must be done in a series about 4 weeks apart in order to be fully effective and are suggested at the time of your regularly scheduled waxing appointment. Visible results typically become obvious after 3 treatments.
  • Prices include waxing as well as the Epilfree Permanent Hair Reduction Treatment.

Note: We do not recommend the use of Epilfree during your first waxing treatment. Epilfree contains natural active ingredients that may cause sensitive reactions in some clients. It is impossible to predict the exact treatment outcome in advance: the results may vary from person to person, and from one body part to the next. Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. When dealing with acute hormonal problems, treatment duration may be longer and results may not be optimal.

chin $30

lip $30

full face $65

bikini $55

brazillian $105
brazillian maintenance $85

underarm $50

full arm $95
half arm $55

full leg $125
half leg $79

back $85