Hair & Scalp Treatments

All of our Hair & Scalp Treatments can be performed as a stand alone treatment or added to any of our Hair or Spa Services. Please allow an additional 30-45 minutes for your stay.

Men’s Cut $35

Men’s Color $50

Men’s Highlight/Lowlight $50

Clipper Cut + Beard Cut $40

Clipper Cut $30

Clipper Cut + Shears $40

Shear Cut + Beard Sculpting $50

Razor Face Shave $25

Razor/Bald Shave $25

Razor Shave + Beard Clean Up/Line $45

detoxifying treatment for hair stressed by environmental factors
Atonic Scalp designed to detox the scalp and hair with artichoke Phytoceuticals. Atonic Scalp is a very common condition for people with product or toxin build up within the hair or scalp. The scalp can become lacking in tone and hair stressed by external environmental factors. This treatment is designed to detoxify hair from environmental impurities and carry out an intense antioxidant action.
Hair and scalp will feel clean, fresh, and revitalized.

30 min $45

problem solving treatments
A variety of treatments designed to counteract any specific scalp and hair anomalies, providing a result with a censorial experience.

– Energizing Treatment for scalp and fragile, thinning hair.
– Purifying Treatment for scalp with oily dandruff.
– Re-balancing Treatment for oily scalp.
– Calming Treatment for sensitive scalp.

30 min $15

Women’s Cut $45

Curly Cut $60

Blow out w/ Style $45

Root Color w/ Refresh $85

Root Color $65
*1in or less

Bleach/Tone $125+

Toner/Gloss $20

Full Highlight $150

Partial Highlight $100

nourishing vegetarian miracle treatment
Deep and long-lasting nourishment to dehydrated scalp, dry and brittle hair with the use of Acai Oil and Grape Phytoceuticals.

30 min $25

deep restructuring treatment with grape phytoceuticals
Restructuring Treatment designed to provide new life to very damaged hair. Enriched with keratin and hydrolyzed keratin.

30 min $45

olaplex, insurance for your hair
Especially beneficial for chemically coloured hair, it has the potential to restore the health of all damaged hair types, given that hair bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services.

stand alone treatment $45
add-on $25

Please consider adding a blow-out, as this is not included in your treatment.

30 min $45