Radio Frequency Treatments

Effectively treats a wide variety of minor skin irregularities. Radio, high frequency technology. Non-invasive and precise with instantaneous results. All pricing is listed as a starting rate.

Comedo (Clogged Pores)                               $20+

Cholesterol Deposits                                       $55+

Milia                                                                           $20+

Telangiectasis (Spider Veins)                      $30+

Small Fibromas (Raised)                                $35+

Large Fibromas (Raised)                                $75+

Keratosis Small (Raised)                                $35+

Keratosis Large (Raised)                               $60+

Skin Tags Small (Flat)                                      $30+

Skin Tags Large (w/Stalk)                             $90+

Delicate Eye Area                                            $150+

*Must be booked in advance.